Know More about the Threads Application from Meta before Signing Up

Recently, Meta launched one of the newest features from Instagram, namely Threads. Not just a feature, Threads is here as an application that is predicted to be a competitor to Twitter.


Of course, this is an interesting thing for those of you who work as Content Creators and Social Media Specialists . With the presence of Threads, you can share various texts to maximize public conversations to many people openly.


So, what is the Threads application? And how to use it? Well , this article will help you understand the Threads application, starting from how to register, how to use it, to a number of things to consider before using the application. Come on , see the article until it’s finished, okay!


What is the Threads App

Threads is an application that allows everyone to connect with each other in a compatible open social network. Threads take advantage of Instagram’s best abilities by developing various content into a caption.


Just like on Instagram , you can follow and connect with friends and variouscontent creatorswho have the same interests, including people you follow on Instagram.


The difference between the Threads Application and the Features on the Twitter Application


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Threads is almost similar to the Twitter application because they both have the feature to share a text with many people. However, of course, both have significant differences, including the following.

Text Limits and Direct Messages
Twitter has a text limit or character limit in Dd Leads uploading a text and has a direct message feature that allows users to send private messages. Twitter is notorious for its 140 character limit and recently revised it to 280 characters per tweet publicly.


Meanwhile, Threads has a text limit of 500 characters for each upload you write. Aside from the text limit, Threads doesn’t have a direct messages feature to message someone privately like Twitter does.

Account Sync
On the Twitter platform , you can log in using multiple login options such as email, phone number, and even just a username . That way, Twitter is much more flexible in logging in which can be connected to your various accounts.

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