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A company engages in a number of transactions every day that impact its accounting. Some examples of business transactions carried out are as follows.

Borrowing Money From Banks
A company engages in business transactions with a bank whenever it enters into a loan contract to borrow money from a bank. The loan will impact the company’s asset and liability accounts.

Buying Goods From Vendors
When a business purchases something from a vendor (supplier) there are only two parties involved in the transaction. These business transactions can be recorded under vendor accounts and purchasing accounts.

Sale of goods
The company enters into business transactions with buyers if the company sells products. In these transactions, the company needs to write down the transaction in financial and asset records and usually uses a sales contract to formalize the deal.

Paying Rent
A business completes a transaction every time it completes a payment for rent, electricity, water, and more. For this reason, this business transaction will be written in the financial records.

Pay Interest

Another type of business transaction is India Phone Number List interest expense, which impacts a company’s assets and expense accounts. This refers to the interest that is due on all loans, including bonds, loans, convertible debt, and lines of credit.


In conducting business transactions, the process is not far from accounting activities . For this reason, companies must record and examine business transactions after entering them into the record books. The accounting process consists of 5 steps as follows.

Checking and Documenting Every Transaction

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You need to check and document every business transaction that is carried out, this is us to avoid misunderstandings and human error Dd Leads when there is an error in the final results of financial recording.

Record Transactions in Accounting Records

Accounting records are need to see all business transactions carried out by the company. You can use an accounting application to help you record all of these transactions.

Use a Trial Balance to Change Assets

You need to use a trial balance to view and change company assets in the form of money or goods. That way, business transactions can run well.

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