Knowing Several Types of Business Transactions and Examples

In running a business, there are usually transactions between business people and consumers or between business people by exchanging goods or services. In general, a transaction is the recording of the exchange of products, services or cash for business or non-commercial reasons.

Business Transaction Features

For business reasons, transactions made Iceland Phone Number List are called business transactions or business transactions. Business transactions involve financial transactions between various parties and the costs are reciprocal of goods or services.

Types of Business Transactions

Such a transaction may be in the form of a simple cash purchase or in the form of a contract. If you want to learn more about business transactions, let’s read the article until it’s finished!

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What is a Business Transaction?
A business transaction or business transaction is something that involves a third party for financial transactions. In large companies with high volumes of business transactions, it is usually necessary to create special journals such as sales journals or purchase journals.


Then, these journals are collected periodically Dd Leads into a ledger. In comparison, lower transaction volumes are entered directly into the general ledger without making a journal first.


On the other hand, business transactions will have an impact on the company’s finances. Business transactions can be as complex as older operating service agreements or as easy as cash payments.



Business transactions have several features that are the main characteristics of business transactions. As for some of the features of business transactions namely,


Every business transaction must have a financial value.

In conducting business transactions, it is necessary to involve two parties.

This transaction is specifically for business entities and not for personal gain.

Source documents such as invoices, receipts, or sales orders must support the transaction.


In carrying out business transactions, you need to know the types so that you can distinguish between transactions made. The following are the types of business transactions which are divided into four, namely.

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