Meet the Investors of Social Networks

Surprise! They’re from NY! This is part of my continue industry analysis of the changing digital space (see all posts tagged VC), but probing which investors are most active –and are bellwethers for finding future growth companies. NY Union Square Ventures Invested . However, Most Frequently in Consumer Social Networks Ever wonder who’s behind the backing of some of the fastest growing technology companies? To find out. I created tables and collected public data to list out the specific investors of each of the major social networks. And social media sites, Meet the Investors and conducted frequency analysis of the investors.

To find out

This is part of my continued coverage of investors in the social business space. Read the rest of my posts, analysis, and insights to this important group in our industry. One caveat. I’m not a financial analyst. I’m an industry analyst, and this data Taiwan Phone Number Data shouldn’t be considered for investment purposes. Financial investment data of these social networking. In conclusion, companies seems like it’s easy to get, but it’s very unstructured. The data was all over the web, it was hard to find a single repository of information.  Meet the Investors  common sources were press releases, wikipedia, CrunchBase, and corporate web pages.

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It’s difficult to tell

The specific amount each VC put into a shared investment round, even probing through the S-1 filings would not yield the specifics of each investor. There was plenty of information about how much funding each startup received, but it Estonia Phone Number List wasn’t broken down by VC group. This analysis is based of the public available data on investment funding of the following consumer social networks: Facebook, Groupon, Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Zynga, LivingSocial, LinkedIn, Branch, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Instagram. However, Tumblr, Yelp, WordPress (Automattic), and Snapchat.

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