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Publish my findings in research reports. As such, Industry Analysts are different than Financial Analysts, which I’m not. While I cite where I’ve found the data in the comments, I can’t ascertain the accuracy of some of these sometimes 3rd party data sources. Note that the 2012 revenues are reported at a different time from the employee headcount was likely reported (Q1, 2013) The following is not to be considered for investment purposes. With that caveat behind us, the following Revenue and Employees analysis takes into consideration the following consumer and public facing consumer social networks.

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Business social business software vendors, see my additional posts on VCs and investing. While many of these startups did not have public available data, I conduct a breakdown of these startups: Overall industry revenues in billions Switzerland Phone Number Data of dollars Of these consumer social network, only eight had publically available revenue run rates for 2013, on average, Revenue and Employees they’re forecasting $3.7b. In total, they’re estimating revenues of $8.3b. Last year, in 2012, ten of the consumer social network sites had publicly available revenues, which amount of $10.7 billion global revenues.

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$1.7b. Some social networks boast rapid climb in revenues These startups saw a rapid climb in revenues, on average these companies started in 2006, just seven years ago. There were some startling accelerations in revenues, with China Phone Number List Facebook achieving $5b in revenues in 8 years, reported by 2012 public revenues. While under business model scrutiny and executive change-up, Groupon started in 2008 and achieved $2.3b in revenues in four years reported in 2012. Even with this acceleration, Facebook is still far behind Google, which boasts revenues of $50b in 13 years since inception.

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