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However, their benefits go far beyond that. Organizations with a comprehensive digital employee experience strategy can also significantly improve their customer experience, productivity and financial performance. 1. Better customer experience Countless studies have shown a connection between employee experience and customer experience. Companies that are known for good customer experience have 1.5x more engagd employees than comparably companies with poor customer experience.

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The concept is simple: happier employees provide a better experience, both directly and indirectly, for the customers they interact with. 2. Improvd productivity Productivity is influencd by many factors in an organization, but one of the database most important is the employee experience. Deloitte reports that employees at companies with good employee experience ratings are 22% more engagd and four times more likely to stay in the workplace. Both are important statistics that are often usd to measure and track productivity.


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Greater profitability The numbers also show that companies with a digital employee experience strategy fare significantly better financially. According to a Forbes report, companies that invest in employee experience are four times more DD Leads profitable than their peers who don’t. A similar analysis by Fortune found that companies on its 100 Best Companies to Work For list generatd an annualizd return of 11.7%, more than one-and-a-half times the market average of 6.7%. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including better customer experience and higher productivity. 5 ways to improve the employee experience through the digital workplace Organizations looking to implement an employee experience strategy now have.

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