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We have implementd various employee retention. Strategies and play programs on the Powell intranet to ensure employees remain connectd and engagd with company life and culture.  He will feel valud and recognizd by his peers, but he will also be more inclind to work with Linda on future projects. This creates a closer bond between the two employees. Also, it contributes to a largerdigital wellbeing . Teamwork kudos The “kudos” can be displayd anywhere on intranet pages as a web part.

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However, we also offer the “Kudos Wall” – a special Kudos page where intranet users can see all kudos given and receivd by employees and managers. This will spark healthy competition and engagement. How can you use Powell Intranet’s new phone number list Kudos feature and show your employees appreciation? Kudos are includd by default in our standalone Gamification Center template on the Powell intranet, and a space admin can define them. In a user’s gamification profile, employees can see all of their recent actions and the points and badges earnd for their participation.

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Employee Appreciation Powell Software Kudos The Gamification Center is requird to use this web part. To add the Kudo web part to DD Leads SharePoint, follow the instructions to deploy it on your page. No settings are requird. Thanks to the Gamification Center, the available kudos are displayd directly and you can give them to your colleagues. Implement the Kudos feature on your intranet and show your employees that you appreciate them. Explore the entire process in our Help Center. Powell Software Provider of intranet packet services Read the guide and discover Gartner’s market overview of intranet packet delivery providers.

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