Mri machine price of new and used equipment

Among the factors that influence the purchase of an MRI machine , the price certainly stands out. Especially for those looking for equipment that will be allocated in a small clinic or hospital, whose budget will be impacted by this investment. Hence the importance of understanding the technology behind RM, in order to prioritize the machine with the best cost-effectiveness for your business. That is, the one that meets routine needs with quality, but without wasting functionality that will not be used. If you are looking for the ideal option, continue reading this article. From now on, I present price estimates and aspects that should be considered when purchasing an MRI machine. You will also see how to save money with reports via telemedicine . MRI machine: what is the price? The price of the MRI device varies according to a series of requirements.

MRI machine what is the price?

Depending on these factors, the equipment will cost more or less. Generally speaking, a new MRI machine will cost a few million reais – or about $1 million , as this article reports . To cite some recent examples, at the end of 2020, the Hospital das Clínicas de Botucatu (SP). Acquired a closed-field 1.5 Tesla MR equipment for BRL 3.9 million . In the previous year. The Ministry of Health paid Azerbaijan Mobile Number List more than BRL 5.3 million for a premium device. With 3 Tesla and 65 channels, which was installed at the Hospital de Caridade in Ijuí (RS). MRI machine: price of a used equipment Opting for a used MRI machine is a way to save money, as the cost can drop to as much as US$ 150,000 (or R$ 750,000). However, the average price is around R$ 1 million for closed field equipment.

MRI machine: price of a used equipment

It is worth remembering that, when choosing a used machine, it is important to consider maintenance costs. Starting with a review to check that everything is OK. If possible, seek technical assistance from the manufacturer. This makes it possible to assess the quality of the images, the state of conservation of the parts and possible adaptations necessary to install the device that performs DD Leads the magnetic resonance examination . Closed field equipment is robust and requires a special room. It must be shielded to prevent the magnetic field from interfering with the operation of nearby electronic devices, such as pacemakers. To give an investment idea, the already mentioned Hospital de Caridade de Ijuí invested R$ 1 million in works to adapt the MR room to the legislation and install the device. Why is the price of an MRI scanner so high.

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