Hand x-ray understand what it is for and how the exam is done

Simple and fast, the X-ray of the hand plays an Hand x-ray understand important role in the evaluation of injuries and joint pathologies. Because it costs less than other diagnostic imaging methods , such as computed tomography, this and other types of radiography continue to be widely prescribed around the world. And it is not different from what happens in Brazil, of course. Continue reading to clear up doubts about the indications, contraindications and fundamental concepts for the analysis of the X-ray examination of the hand. At the end, see even ideas to expand the offer of exams with telemedicine . What is the X-ray of the hand used for. The records formed look like an analog film, that is, they portray the structures in black, white and shades of gray.

What is the X-ray of the hand used for?

Due to its high density, Hand x-ray understand bone tissue stands out on radiographs. Which is of great value when examining the hands. After all, each of them has 27 bones, which can be damaged by falls, blows, bumps and other illnesses. In this scenario, the main indications for hand radiography occur in the Armenia Mobile Number List suspicion or presence of: Fractures, fissures and other bone injuries Joint diseases, such asrheumatoid arthritis, showing signs such as the “swan neck finger” Strange body Symptoms such as pain, limitation of movement and edema (swelling). Always remembering that other suspicions may lead to medical indication. What is hand x-ray for bone age? X-ray of the hand for bone age is a method that uses ionizing radiation and specific maneuvers to verify the bone maturation stage of the pediatric patient.

How is the hand X-ray done?

According to the recommendations of the Society of Pediatrics of São Paulo (SPSP). The maturation of bone tissue can be influenced by genetic. Environmental and endocrine factors , being useful to detect. Delay for family reasons Constitutional delay in growth and puberty DD Leads hypothyroidism. Hypopituitarism prolonged malnutrition Chronic diseases in general Storage diseases. Mucopolysaccharidoses – Hurler syndrome hypogonadism addison’s disease Chronic use of exogenous corticosteroids or endogenous hyperproduction (Cushing’s syndrome). Next, I explain how the test is performed. How is the hand X-ray done? The exam starts with the orientation of the patient , who must remove any metallic object before entering the X-ray room.

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