Nostalgia marketing how to reach the hearts of consumers


Well yes nostalgia is also a feeling that we use within emotional  to give branding a little life. Nostalgia marketing is a technique. That appeals to memories and the positive emotions we have associated with certain eras, products or  experiences from the past . And the last generations have managed to make this technique popular Nostalgia marketing consumers in recent years. Because who hasn’t felt great nostalgia for the  We are expertwhat we are seeking to achieve.

To rescue a product from ere

The generated by the  So much so, that even Mattel has released the rare Barbie: marketing example of discarded barbie nostalgia And what makes nostalgia marketing work so well? This technique is a clear example of emotional marketing and that executive data also makes it work. In this way, we not only reach the hearts of consumers, but we make them feel part of a community and appeals directly to the positive emotions we felt in the past, such as familiarity and happiness, which is why consumers connect with the brand. This is like making a match with someone.Be clear about why we are using it : to implement.

The past and modernize

The same with brands. Nothing better than seeing that a brand uses references to something that you loved in the past and that is already part DD Leads of you and your childhood. Furthermore, as it is something very generational, in addition to having theenthusiasm of the public, campaigns or products are much more commented on and shared because it is almost impossible not to talk about it. push pops nostalgia marketing Of course, for this, brands are very clear about who their target audience is. The ads and products are made for a very specific target.and we are dropping like flies, because we do remember . Do you know of another example of a brand that has used nostalgia marketing.

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