How to choose between the two types of advertising? Is online advertising better or advertising via traditional channels? Depends! It’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer. Online advertising works quite well, but even what we define.  As traditional still brings good results. In general, it can be said that the best results are obtain by mixing the two types of advertising! In practice. , however, the situation is different depending on the activity to . Be sponsor, the audience to be communicat to and the market in which to operate. To decide how to set up an advertising campaign,.  You must always start from the results of a marketing analysis! What is certain is that 

Where are we in Italy with online advertising?

Online advertising, all over the world, is going great! Online advertising is unquestionably a great means to use . To increase the visibility of a company and a brand! In fact , a well-set advertising campaign on google adwords or facebook business . Manager can quickly  latest database increase visits to your website or increase the.  Number of your fans on social networks! This is why more and . More companies, even small ones, decide to invest in digital and online advertising! Where are we in italy with online advertising? Online advertising in italy is going a bit slowly: the main 

Tools for advertising on the internet

Investments are concentrat above all in northern. Italy, an area where digital culture is slowly making its way. Here there are many companies, professional firms or individual. Entrepreneurs who have understood the importance of technology,. Which they apply at 360°, from production processes to corporate communication! These realities have understood, better than. Others, that the internet and social networks have chang the . Rules of communication and have rewritten DD Leads the relation. Ship between brands and people, which is why it is essential . To adapt to these changes and take the right countermeasures. Even online advertising, in fact, is this flow of communications, . Which occurs between brands and new potential customers, passing through

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