Stay up to date on Facebook advertising changes!

Stay up to date on facebook advertising changes! Advertising on facebook is constantly changing and updating! For advertisers it means being constantly updat on the most recent .  Facebook ads news, which concern sponsorships and the . Business manager, the professional platform, separate from facebook,.  From which to manage all advertising campaigns! In 2018 there were many changes: advertising in facebook and instagram . Stories, the creative compass, the video creation kit, the . Reintroduction of targeting tools for some professional categories, . Previously block or the new pixel. Advertising was also affect by the change in the 

Sponsored Within Stories

Algorithm, which increas the visibility of organic posts . From private individuals, penalizing corporate content! A company that wants to be notic in users’ fes must necessarily use.  Advertising spots and always be inform about all changes! Sponsor within stories the inclusion of sponsor ads . In stories is one of the great facebook ads innovations of 2018, which has . Retain its success even at the beginning of 2019! It couldn’t be otherwise, given the huge following of the stories on new database facebook and . Instagram, which are a great opportunity for companies that want.  To increase their visibility! The choice to position sponsor content . In stories is made when creating the ad group: unless you choose.   Automatic positioning, suggest by facebook, you will be able . To position the promos on facebook and instagram or on just one social network. 

Facebook Creative Compass

Facebook creative compass facebook’s . Creative compass is an advertising campaign evaluation tool.  Which makes a priction on the future performance of the campaign. It works with machine learning and gives a rating to the adverts, which can be high, mium or low. This judgment takes into account . Elements taken from the platform, such as creativity, identification.  Of the target, comprehensibility of the message in a range.  Of 3 to 15 seconds, the call to action or the ability DD Leads to attract users’ attention. This useful facebook ads news is not yet available to everyone, but will become available by 2019. More creativity with the . Video creation kit another new facebook ads feature concerns creativity! The creation kit, in fact, is a tool in the ads 

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