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I want to get the word out to entrepreneurs and innovative brands. The number of collaborative startups that support lending, borrowing, funding, trading, or gifting of products and services is on the rise. Brands are at risk of falling behind or missing the opportunity altogether. This is a significant business opportunity for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to create a platform that will enable brands to take advantage of this movement. Market Demand We’re more than halfway through the interviews  Opportunity Branded  for our next report on the Collaborative Economy and what it means to corporations.

I’ll be sharing Opportunity Branded

In a keynote address at Leweb. One thing is for sure: This trend is unstoppable. Here are some early clues from our analysis of 200 startups: There’s been over $2 billion of funding issued. Those who have been funded have received close to $28 million each on average. These startups aren’t going away. We’re seeing brands starting to Korea Phone Number Data participate. In particular, innovative Wal-Mart is considering allowing customers to deliver products to each other in order to compete with the giant known as Amazon. The macro trend is societal. As consumers possess fewer resources and less land.

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We will rely more and more on trade and barter systems. Use Cases and Scenario The goal is to enable brands to directly rent or lend their products and services to the market or to build a community that enables its members to do so on its behalf. Imagine a branded Hyatt or Hilton version of AirBnb that rents out luxury guest rooms China Phone Number List a neighborhood where you are traveling, or a branded service of local talent for rent by Manpower. Therefore, Kelly Services, or IBM services . Or imagine renting your neighbor’s Lexus, powered by a version of Lyft or Zipcar that’s hosted by Toyota.

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