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However my interest began Why & How Will Users React? Welcome Andrea, Chiara And Rebecca To Our Team Reading Time: minutes March.  We are thrill to welcome three new people to our team as GA Agency continues to grow. In recent weeks we have welcom Andrea as Senior SEO Specialist (IT) , Chiara as. Digital Ads Specialist , and Rebecca as Content Marketing Specialist (UK . A few words from Andrea , our new SEO Specialist (IT. I am the new SEO Specialist (IT), for GA Agency, bas in the UK.

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SEO Specialist in for Koral International seo expate bd Group. A Maltese digital agency, where my main responsibility was Link-Building campaigns for our clients. In I became SEO Specialist of BetNero, an Italian online casino for which I develop an On-Site and Off-Site SEO strategy. When I’m not working I try to avoid computers! I love travelling, hiking and cycling.” A few words from Chiara , our Digital Ads Specialist : “I am delight to join the GA Agency team as Digital Ads Specialist. I have always been interest and passionate about the digital industry and trends, and after graduating in.

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Fashion Marketing

I decid to start my journey in the SEM DD Leads world. Over the last two years, I have gain experience in a major agency, working with clients from different sectors (including universities, pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce clients). In my free time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading and learning more about the latest fashion and beauty trends, and spending time with the people I love. I’m happy to start this new chapter of my career with GA Agency and help businesses grow in the digital world!” A few words from Rebecca , our new Content Marketing Specialist : “I’m Rebecca, I was born and live in the UK.

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