Peventive maintenance and corrective maintenance

Maintenance is an essential aspect for the functioning of the company. Whether it is software solutions or production equipment and machinery, or even company infrastructures, their perfect functionality is essential and, for this, it is necessary to carry out adequate and timely maintenance

activities, which prevent machine downtime and stoppages . production, always keeping the machinery highly performing. Furthermore, proper and ongoing maintenance ensures that there are no unexpected costs that the business faces due to in-house equipment, software or company assets. There are two types of maintenance directives: Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance


And no company can function by running only one of the two

It is a collective approach where both maintenance operations are conduct to ensure that all aspects of the business are running smoothly.

Corrective maintenance
Corrective maintenance Albania Phone Number List operations (or breakdown maintenance) are carri out on equipment or solutions when an error, malfunction or failure occurs.
It is a repair carried out when a machine stops working as it should or stops and involves machine downtime, the procurement of spare parts and the use of dedicat human resources in the company or the intervention of external parties.

These are need-bas maintenance interventions, which must be carried out in the shortest possible time and which have a high impact on company productivity.

Preventive maintenance

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Scheduled or preventive maintenance operations involve periodic inspection of equipment, to ensure that machinery and solutions do not stop, negatively impacting company operations.
Preventive maintenance is a good maintenance strategy as it allows you to manage activities during company downtime, ensuring perfect functionality when needed.

Maintenance with Odoo ERP
To manage maintenance operations, the DD Leads  company needs dedicated tools that integrate into the management of activities.

The Odoo ERP platform is the complete solution for business management and resource planning, implementing modules that support and manage maintenance. Both corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance can be conductwith ease thanks to Odoo’s maintenance module. The software allows you to manage, monitor and track all aspects of maintenance of equipment, software solutions, assets and corporate infrastructure in real time.




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