Positioning strategy where to start

How to do the marketing strategy
If you are trying to understand how to set up a marketing and communication strategy, you will want to understand how to obtain the data and information needed for effective positioning and you will be looking for answers to these questions:

Who is the customer you want to address

where can you find it?
What do consumers think of your brand and your products?
which of your messages is most effective?
What is the behavior of your “typical customer”?
who are your direct and indirect competitors?
who is already talking about you and your products?
Don’t improvise in web positioning
Social Listening can give you the right answers.

Without data from which to start Cambodia Phone Number List building a phygital positioning strategy, the results will be approximate since they are based on approximation and not on reality.

Market research mainly deals with the study and analysis of consumer behavior and decision-making processes and today this information is available in abundance where people can freely express their opinion and dissent: Social Media and the Web .

Start listening on social media

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social listening phygital marketing
Social listening phygital marketing

What’s the best way to understand what DD Leads  your customers think and want?
With real data and insights obtained by listening to the market, you can increase the penetration and effectiveness of campaigns :

use the largest panel in the world
base your strategy on real data
increase the performance of marketing and communication campaigns
develop and protect the reputation of the brand
Why social listening matters
Because it allows you to define in advance the fundamental steps for brand positioning:


After ignored emails and unanswered phone calls my instinct is to go on the social stage to scream out loud my disappointment for the bad service received.”

How much does social listening cost?
Having all this information available represents an opportunity that, until a few years ago, only multinationals and those with large budgets could afford, but today the situation has changed and even SMEs can access Social Listening at affordable costs and with outstanding and measurable results.

What are the main social listening tools
These are the main tools we tried before deciding which was the most suitable Social Listening solution for Small and Medium Businesses .

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