When to edit Reels with an editing app advertising If you need to

Make edits that the Reels editor still doesn’t make possible (or that even makes it possible, but with bugs, like that desynchronization of audio in relation to video), then it is recommended that you opt for external apps. In this case, we separate some of the best editors: 4 best apps to edit reels There are many actions you need to take to make your Reels go viral , such as including the best hashtags and producing quality content that makes users watch your video as if they were stuck in a loop (you must recognize that feeling, right. Yet another action is to make an awesome Reel edit, as it can make you shine in the content production game or throw you out of the ring before you can argue, “But my content was interesting! What happened.

To avoid this, take a look at these few apps

InShot. Advertising If there is an application to edit reels used by most people, it is InShot , and the reasons for this become clear when you discover all the possibilities it offers the user: filters; transitions; dubbed audio tracks; edges; stickers; freeze and reverse video. Oh, and you don’t have Transportation Email List to worry about the watermark the app places on the video. You can easily remove it by watching an advertisement that it will show you. CapCut. In addition to being free, CapCut offers a multitude of editing options, such as dynamic transition effects, audio import and even chroma key. With the application, it is also possible to organize the video by layers and, if necessary, access uncomplicated explanations in the tutorials tab to understand how a certain tool works.

If you’re on the iOS team, here’s the Reels editing app you need

Clips in this case, however, to edit, you cannot choose videos from your gallery, you have to record through the application itself. It’s only from there that you can use its tools, such as augmented reality effects, cropping, pop-up and stickers. FilmoraGo. Unlike DD Leads the previous one, with this app to edit Reels, you can either choose an existing video from your gallery or create one from scratch. Regardless of the scenario, with FilmoraGo you’ll have a range of tools at your disposal, such as 3D effects and video overlay through picture-in-picture. Is it possible to edit published Reels? Advertising Yes, it is possible to edit a Reels that you have already published. Even once posted, Instagram allows you to change the Reels caption as well as the cover photo.

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