Knowing the Goals Processes and Product Development Strategies

Google Data Studio is here to help with the job. Namely, helping a Data Analyst to analyze and visualize data. So, as a Data Analyst, you can understand data correctly and present it to colleagues who need it.


Want to know more about Google Data Studio? How does it function and what are its main features? You can listen to the discussion in this article. So, make sure you read to the end, okay !


What is Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a business intelligence toolprovided by Google free of charge for visualizing data. Google Data Studio can help you as a Data Analyst to create data visualizations in the form of graphs, maps or tables more quickly and accurately. Thus, the data can be understood by many people in the company.


With the data visualization presented Australia Phone Number List by Google Data Studio, you can find out various information that is useful for determining company strategy, such as consumer KPIs and marketing campaign success . This data can be used as material for consideration in making company business decisions.


What’s the difference between Google Data Studio and Google Looker Studio

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Did you come across the term Looker Studio when you did a Google search for Data Studio? Yes , of course. Because, Data Studio and Looker studio are both data tools from Google.


In 2022, Google will update by changing the Dd Leads name Google Data Studio to Google Looker Studio. The purpose of the renaming is to align all of Google’s business intelligence tools into one brand name , namely Looker.

The development of new products that will be launched or those that are already on the market is important for the growth of a business.


Therefore, the company needs a Product Developer person or team to carry out product development activities. As a Product Developer, of course you have to know how to develop the product of the company where you work.


Want to know more about the stages in product development? And what is the strategy for success in doing so? Check out this article to the end, OK !


What is Product Development?
Product development is an activity related to designing, developing and marketing new or existing products.

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