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We don’t foresee this space going down. As a cursory analysis indicates that there’s been a whopping $2 billion in venture funding across a sampling of 200 startups within this category. A spinoff from the consumer social networking category, this movement will have significant runway before true winners are determined. Disruptions to CPG. Retail, Service Industry, and Governments There are potentially extensive disruptions for companies that . However, create products or services. If this trend continues at the current speed and trajectory. It may Pushbacks against force retail and product-based companies.

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Within this space or to offer products in their own stores for lease or barter. Furthermore, governments could be displaced if the barter economy rises. Tax revenues are diminished as people share products with no money exchanged. We’re also seeing new forms of. However, nontraditional currency emerging. Including peer-to-peer BitCoin, which Indonesia Phone Number Data is not backed by any central bank . In conclusion, precious metal. It’s backed by processing power. How You Can Get Involved with this Research Submit a startup. . Therefore, this upcoming Open Research report in this web form.

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List of 200 Companies in the Collaborative Economy Using the spirit of this space. I contacted a TaskRabbit (thanks Rachel) to conduct significant research from . A variety of sources over 22.5 hours to compile a list of startups in this Philippine Phone Number List space. This database will be the primary source. Therefore, of a sample which I’ll use to parse trends. However, and data for my upcoming report. Update: Many of these examples and specific language were from the Collaborative Consumption Hub. To which I failed to provide full attribution (my fault) upon first publication of this piece. Please see the many resources available there.

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