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Smarter Parking Parkcirca Take your parking space with you. Park on my Drive Find a parking space Shared Studios/Workshops/Workspaces 3rd Space Studios 3rd Space. Studios benefit from large spaces and studio members with a range of disciplines Techshop Build your dreams here Newworkcity Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean working by yourself. Studiomates STUDIOMATES is a collaborative workspace of designers, illustrators, bloggers, Spaceout Your  writers, and developers. Bees Office Work alongside amazing people! Coloft LAs startup hub Desksnearme Need a space to work?

Deskwanted Find your ideal

Working community Opendesks OpenDesks helps you find, share, and manage places to meet and work Desksurfing Coworking spaces around the world Social Lending Zopa Get a loan today Prosper We connect people who want to USA Phone Number Data borrow money with people who want to invest money Lending Club Investors earn better returns, borrowers pay Spaceout Your  lower rates Enterprise Den The marketplace for success Qifang P2P Lending for Chinese Student Loans Social Currencies Ven It’s time for a new kind of money The Liquidity Network Developing a complementary currency for Ireland Timebanks.

Phone Number Data

Building equality and caring

Community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent Letsystems Local exchange trading system Taxi Sharing Taxi2 Share. Get there. Taxistop More with less… Weeels More riding, less driving, no parking Bartering Ourgoods Mexico Phone Number List A barter network for the creative community Itex Connect. Trade. Save Bartercard The card that works for you Tourboarding How to stay and play in China for Free Crowdfunding (investments, not loans) Kickstarter Fund and follow creativitiy Startsomegood Igniting Ideas, Investment . In conclusion, and Impact Pozible Crowdfunding creative projects.

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