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where does this new encryption actually point? Not only We are told about moments of uncertainty, resistance to the unknown, but in the words of. Not only. Darwin we would summarize it: “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that responds best to change.” And this becomes the starting point to understand where this book is pointing. Not only. As we know, these nomenclatures start from a very unidirectional idea and begin to take an exponential leap – “the most important” (from my point of view) – when the user becomes an active entity in the content of the information itself , to reach to a cloud (hopefully not Aristophanes’) that is bas on various applications.

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It is urgent to ask ourselves the question: where is ucation? At what point in this new evolution for humanity are you locat? And Botella, with brutal honesty but worthy of applause. Not only  gives us bad news: “One of the great pillars of b2b email list civilization, ucation, is being left behind.” And as we teachers know. Not only  it is not for lack of effort or desire that no one beats us in the word resilience; but perhaps it is our lack of immiate responses, that immiacy that today’s technology has and that does not allow us to sit down and reflect with those fears about what will happen.

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b2b email list

We do not propose, like the author. Teachers who are specialists in the digital world. But rather teachers who know how to take advantage of technology for their own well-being, that of their students, their classes, their parents and the community itself . Not only. I have always thought, for example. Not only. Of the Greeks who postulat this interaction with students and that today it DD Leads is possible with new trends such as reverse mentoring, and that we must understand that the professions of today and tomorrow. Not only in the author’s words. Not only will be digital (many courses taught virtually),

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