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Changing and open (each semester at the university there are changes in the proposals by major), imaginative (a teacher who repeats himself is left out of the game). These are the points to take into account in this new revolution 4.0, in which we must prict what will happen, teachers-vates who project the new routes to follow in ucation design towards a new working society. This new revolution, or simply a nomenclature readjustment, makes us be more alert to those changes that careers (including ucation) are having, but that in essence are outlin in how we will interrelate in this global jungle-village without a correct connection. But mainly, in

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Botella’s words, “humility and the capacity for learning and “unlearning” will put our empathy to the test and be the only one that in a certain way accompanies us to this new way of living b2b leads that is coming to us.”This century has been characteriz by important advances in different areas. In the field of ucation , new teaching strategies have been develop from technological innovations. The most revolutionary experience in this context is, without a doubt, the development of e-learning .

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This learning methodology opts for the student to acquire knowlge at a distance from self-learning materials and procures online . Despite its benefits, its use has been orient, in some institutions, mainly to isolat “less demanding” courses. In the case of basic ucation and still in higher ucation, the option for face-to-face teaching has remain in a large proportion of hours. This is DD Leads due to two deeply held ideas about teaching. First, it is rightly consider that the teacher has a fundamental role in guiding and developing complex skills in the student. Second, it is wrongly assum that for the teaching guide to be effective, its physical presence is essential.

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