The Probability That They Will Shop There Increases

Today, a similar model is also use on the web. This significantly reuces advertising expenditure and increases its effectiveness. What is performance marketing? Most buyers admit that they rely on other people’s opinions the most before buying. In the past, they were relatives and friends. Currently, these are more and more often bloggers, influencers or Internet portals and the whole inbound marketing . It is very difficult to navigate in the flood of goods and services. Customers want to buy quickly and don’t have time to compare offers.

Significantly Performance Marketing

So if they find a link to the store in a blog post or get a discount code from their favorite instagrammer, the probability that they will shop there increases significantly. Performance marketing is one where you pay for results. It can take several database different forms: CPC – you pay only for clicking on the ad (Cost Per Click), CPM – you pay for every thousand impressions of your ad (Cost Per Impression), CPS – you pay only when the customer enters the store and makes a purchase through advertising (CPS), CPL – you pay only for subscribing to the newsletter, webinar or making a request from a client who came to you through an advertisement (Cost Per Leads), CPA – you pay for the effect.


Is One Where You Pay For Results

That you set earlier – liking the profile, clicking, filling out the form, etc. (Cost Per Acquisition). We recommend CTA button – so good that you want to click The range of types of such advertisements is very wide. Within each of them (CPA, CPL, etc.), there are dozens of ways to connect the objective of the marketing campaign with the DD Leads platform. In fact, the number of types of performance marketing is virtually endless. New platforms, types of cooperation and tools that allow you to measure effects are adde all the time. Do you want to implement performance marketing? We will help you plan it well! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to use performance marketing? In fact, you can plan performance marketing in a way that no one has ever done before.

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