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The course of the sales conversation Most retailers are familiar with the concept of SEES: Smile – smile Eye Contact – eye contact Excitement – excitement Sales – sale The success of the conversation often depends on the seller’s attitude and energy level. The first step after a firm handshake and smile should be an introduction. It may take even a few seconds. It is important that the interlocutor knows the seller’s details, the company he represents, and the purpose of the meeting. No one likes meetings under any other pretext that turn into a sales conversation in the process.

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In the next step, the seller provides the customer with information about the basic features of the product. Then, when the customer is a little more curious about the product, you can move on to the presentation. This is the moment to phone number list show the greatest advantages and answer questions. A sales conversation with a customer can also be summarize in AIDA. It comes from the world of marketing and content marketing, but it also captures the steps describe above well: Attention – getting the customer’s attention Information – providing information Desire – the development and awakening of desire.

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Action – joining specific arrangements. Sales conversation – what to avoid? A sales conversation is the first point of training in every call center. The internet is full of guides on this. Ready-made scripts can be learne at commercial studies and DD Leads schools for marketers. It is certainly worth getting acquainte with the basic formulas. However, a really good salesperson is one who can forget about scripts. Most customers can buy something online. If they choose telephone or personal contact, it is because they enjoy a sales conversation with a nice person. At the same time, the average resident of a big city is busier than ever today, and is bombarde with advertising messages from the outside.

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