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The health team must also take care to administer the contrast at the right time. Likewise, it is worth emphasizing that the patient must remain immobile throughout the procedure. If MRI is being done on children and other people who have difficulty sitting still. It may be helpful to use a mild sedative to ensure quality images. MRI of the shoulder MRI of the shoulder serves to identify alterations and pathologies that affect the structures How to interpret the results of the magnetic resonance imaging of the shoulder? The interpretation of MRI of the shoulder is a task for specialized radiologists. They must gather in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and functioning of the shoulders, in addition to the MR imaging technique. In this way, they will be able to identify abnormalities that rule out or confirm the diagnostic hypothesis.

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Magnetic resonance recordings: Verification of the radiological positioning, which determines the acquisition plan of the recordings and the incidences Search for factors capable of impairing the quality of the recordings, generating artifacts. For example, when the patient moves Analysis of the main anatomical features of the structures, considering the variation in normality Description of the Germany Mobile Number List findings in the MRI report, indicating whether the result is normal or altered. The interpretation of the exam is facilitated with the support of telemedicine, as I explain below. Advantages of the electronic MRI report As I just mentioned. The MRI report can only be prepared by a qualified radiologist. This helps to maintain the quality standards established by the CFM in the interpretation of images.

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Operate far from Brazilian urban centers. There is a technological solution to this issue: the issuance of electronic reports. Made possible by companies such as Telemedicina Morsch, the activity enables remote interpretation and reporting for MRI and other radiological exams. With benefits such as, results delivered in minutes Service available uninterruptedly even on Sundays and DD Leads holidays Integration of MRI equipment into the PACS from Morsch, allowing automatic sending of images Communication within cloud software, protected by authentication and encryption mechanisms Saving time and money that would be spent on travel. Click here and start taking advantage of radiological telemedicine in your clinic or hospital. Understanding the meaning of this finding.

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