Therefore specializing in telemedicine is also a good choice for professionals

Such as radiology technicians. On the Morsch platform, we provide training that helps in this dynamic, including content with good practices in conducting radiological exams. Take advantage of our teleradiology solutions . Conclusion In this article, I presented an overview of the types of specialization in radiology . I hope I helped you choose the right course for your professional qualification. Count on the Morsch team of radiologists to reinforce your team and expand the portfolio of exams attended without compromising quality! Request a quote and learn about options designed to optimize your business routine . If you found the text useful, share it! Take the opportunity to check out more articles on telemedicine that I publish here on the blog. What does a tomography clinic do? As the name suggests, the tomography clinic focuses on this type of radiological examination

However unlike radiography which produces

Only one plate at a time, CT can collect hundreds of slices of the examined area at once. This is thanks to the technology of the tomography device , which emits a beam of ionizing radiation through its X-ray tube connected to a system of detectors. When the equipment is turned on, the Brazil Mobile Number List tube and detectors rotate 360 ​​degrees around the patient. Allowing the radiation to pass through the studied region. Part of the X-rays is absorbed, while the rest reaches the tomographer’s table to build the images. I’ll come back to these records later on. For now, it is worth mentioning that organs and other structures can be visualized in a hyper-realistic way in a 3D tomography image , created by joining the cross-sections captured. Furthermore, the examination is quick, simple, painless and non-invasive , except when combined with interventional radiology procedures.

These are some of the reasons for the popularity of CT

Which has few contraindications due to the use of ionizing radiation . Or the need to use iodinated contrast , which should not be administered to people allergic to seafood, for example. Next, I comment on the two main services provided by a tomography clinic. Diagnostic support CT offers DD Leads a type of internal photograph of various parts of the body, used in medical , dental and veterinary radiology. In the medical field, it has a prominent role in the diagnosis of diseases such as: Stroke (AVC) abdominal aortic aneurysm Benign and malignant tumors, some at an early stage. Rhinitis, sinusitisand deviated septum herniated disc deviations in the column Cirrhosis Crohn’s disease Ulcerative colitis. Other conditions can be investigated from the medical request.

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