This area of ​​radiology conducts minimally invasive procedures for diagnostic

To do so, it relies on images provided by tests such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), used to guide angioplasty. It should be remembered that angioplasty makes it possible to dilate the inside of an obstructed artery using a catheter and a small balloon. Another procedure that CT can use is embolization, which consists of obstructing arteries that supply tumors. The collection of a fragment of lesions and masses suspected of malignancy ( biopsy ) can also be guided by tomographic images. CT scan clinic The electronic report in imaging exams adds several benefits for health professionals and patients What is the structure of a tomography clinic? The tomography clinic must have its structure approved by health authorities. After all, as I mentioned before, the tomograph uses ionizing radiation, which is capable of triggering diseases such as cancer.

The risk of illness is proportional to the level of

Exposure to X-rays, which have a cumulative effect on the body. That is, it is essential to reduce occupational and patient exposure to this type of energy. Modern CT devices usually allow for adjustments so that the emitted doses are minimal. In any case, they must be installed in a fully adapted Canada Mobile Number List tomography room to prevent radiation from going beyond the walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors. This is the main environment of the CT clinic, and must comply with legislation such as Ordinance 453/98 of the Ministry of Health, which approved the Technical Regulation with basic guidelines for radiological protection in medical and dental radiodiagnosis . Next to the tomography room is the command table. It is usually separated by a lead glass barrier so that the radiographer can observe the patient while performing the CT scan.

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Must have a patient preparation room, restrooms and a reception area . How to set up a tomography clinic? Although it is a promising business, setting up a tomography clinic requires dedication , technical knowledge and health management . At the same time that it is necessary DD Leads to have a radiologist who is responsible for the establishment, it will also be necessary to adopt business strategies. Hence the interest in getting to know the healthcare market , identifying opportunities to build a successful company . I will help you with the first seven steps on this path, which you follow below. 1. Define the services provided It seems obvious, but defining the solutions your clinic will offer is quite a task. The good news is that there is a simple tool to help you get started: the business plan . It will describe details about the services, costs.

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