Use the professional network to sell your products or services!

Use the professional network to sell your products or services! Have you ever thought about linkin as a sales channel? If you sell expensive products and services, aim at a high target.  You should consider advertising and social selling on linkin! I imagine that the word social selling brings to mind facebook, instagram or youtube! Inde, we talk more about these platforms, regarding sales on social mia, but I assure you that. Linkin is no exception! Many italian and foreign luxury brands are on linkin.  Because this platform, from a professional social mia, has also become . A tool for advertising and selling online! The goal of advertising on.  Linkin to sell products or services, advertising, as you know very well, is essential.

The Goal of Advertising on Linkedin

This is what also happens on linkin.  Where every day many companies publish advertising.  Campaigns to find new customers and increase sales! For luxury goods, however, the situation is different! Advertising tells the story of the brand and never pushes direct sales! This depends on the type of market, which is new data completely. Different from that frequent by “Normal” consumers! The customer who can buy a rolex.  A porsche, an armani dress or a bulgari jewel does not ne to be solicit . By pressing advertising, nor to be encourag to purchase by a discount.  Or an unmissable promotion! Linkin ads for storytelling.  The main objective of linkin ads is corporate storytelling, the . Telling of the history and brand identity, of the brand’s vision, of its values and of . 

Linkedin Ads for Storytelling

How precious and exclusive that brand is. In doing this the company must know how to make people desire.  This preciousness, its lifestyle, transmitting strong emotions and creating dreams! The person who sees that promo on linkin will.  Want to buy that product, not because it is sponsor or on sale, but to become part of that exclusive story and that ideal! Often in the advertisements of luxury brands the DD Leads product is not even seen! Formats available for linkin ads the campaign manager offers . Three formats: inmail messages : sponsor messages with specific.  Content, to be sent via the linkin messaging service and then via chat. It is also possible to create multiple versions of the same message, to verify the most effective one for .

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