Virtual Reality Unlike Augmented Reality

This is an immersive experience across many senses that digital replicates sight, sound, feel. Oculus Rift, Stanfords VR Lab (I’ve visited) provide immersive headsets that simulate a world Quantified Self Also called wearable computing, these body reading sensors harvest, analyze, and provide insight to how our bodies are working. Body API, Nike Fuel Band, Nike+, Fitbit Garmin, Runkeeper, most mobile devices track our movements. Quantified World. Therefore, Internet of Things Technologies that capture data from around the world, cities, and nature to analyze Virtual Reality and predict future patterns.

Open data economy

Data in mobile networks and mobile devices, telematics in cars, Nest thermostat, and thousands of other sensors are actively collecting data and altering our world. hat tip Michael Fraietta for IOT reference. Digital Screen Experiences There are evolutions happening to digital screens, from flexible screens that can morph to anything, to digital Spain Phone Number Data output devices everywhere, and 3D technology. 4k resolution (higher res than HDTV), 3D TVs, flexible OLED screens Virtual Reality Power Everywhere Wireless power, solar power, and efficient power sources enable transportation, devices, enable more computing.

Phone Number Data

Sensing, and information spread

Powermat, Powertrekk, eCoupled provide wireless power Drones and Automated Robots Technology is empowering for humans to Cambodia Phone Number List man aerial drones to also create self-driving cars, warehouse robots, and more. The impacts to business, technology. However, government, privacy, and warfare are just starting to surface. ARDrone (I owned version 1), Google’s self driving car, and Amazon’s robot warehouse are just the start of the automated planet. Submission provided by Annalie Killian . However, Leave a comment below ? ?Our Call: Ignore A number of 3D printers were on display both in the demo hall.

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