What is Inbound Marketing

Producing valuable content, capable of creating a relationship with the potential customer ( also called Lead ), means understanding and interpreting what his interests are , what he is looking for, what problems he encounters, what his needs are , what difficulty in understanding he has ( or may have), how does he speak…

The solutions you can offer him are many and serve to help him in his maturation process, from the problem to the solution.


Providing the right answers, at the right time

The defect of advertising lies in the fact that the message or campaign has a limited duration in time, ie they are visible to the potential interested public only during the period in which they are “LIVE”. It is not certain that the customer sees the advertisement at the time of his need.

The inbound, on the other hand, aims to make you find, for example on search engines, when it is the customer who is looking for a solution, at the time of his need .

With useful and interesting content it is possible to transform a “cold” contact (for example a user searching on Google or scrolling Cameroon Phone Number List through the Facebook wall) into a “hot lead”, i.e. a potential customer interested in the product because he is aware of its real utility.

The word inbound marketing indicates. The marketing method centeron being. Found by potential. Customers in contrast to advertising. Also calloutbound marketing. Which is bas on a message that has the unique. Function of capturing the customer’s attention to push him to buy .

The inbound instead serves to create a relationship , a relationship of trust with people

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Marketing with Data
There is another very important aspect that should not be underestimat, I am referring to the data, i.e. the possibility for an entrepreneur to measure DD Leads  whether the money he spends to sell products and services brings results or not (what in jargon is called ROI, return on ‘investment.

Advertising is difficult to measure because it ” shoots in the pile ” and then measures the sales, the turnover.


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