Is advertising the soul of commerce

Advertising is the soul of commerce!
A false myth that limits many entrepreneurs and managers when it comes to selling.
In the 80s to say that ” advertising is the soul of commerce ” was undoubtedly a truth!

With advertising, anything could be sold, but the web didn’t exist, nor did social networks and ecommerce, but above all our life was less stressful, we had less continuous stimuli, there was no Messenger, WhatsApp or even mobile phones in every pocket.

TV, radio and print media used to be the means of information where the public concentrated, while today, with all the channels and information possibilities available, we are increasingly distract

It is estimatthat the average concentration of people lasts two and a half minutes, and to “pick up the thread” it takes on average 25 minutes.

How can you think that a small medium enterprise can invest in TV or Radio advertising to harass its potential customers ?


By now Advertising, or communication activities that tend to “interrupt” what you are doing to make you buy something , no longer bring satisfactory results, unless you have huge budgets to spend.

What happened to Advertising

I have traced a history of the events that Cayman Islands Phone Number List have built today’s reality, or at least those that I consider most significant and useful for the purpose of your company: having customers, selling and generating profit .

I did it with only one intention, to make you understand why today we sell differently than in the past, because people have changed and their habits have undergone such a profound mutation as to force us to change the way we do marketing forever . , communicate and sell .

The post-war period: everything was missing

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There was a lack of essential products and services. Those who have been able to “roll up their sleeves” have literally built a fortune… it was enough to tell the DD Leads  world that a new product was born to sell big!!

The 60s: large margins and warehouses full of workers

In the 60s the Beatles and Andy Warhol, colored plastic and prêt-à-porter exploded.

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