When I started in graphic design and

Facilities and Reviews are installed on more than one website, which in itself is a cause for concern because it’s a standard configuration and in theory it should have more installations. It is worth noting that in the recent comments it has, there is a star, which is worth remembering. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: It is a standard configuration, so it is fully integrated. It is very light and hardly affects loading speed.

the one to force you not to use them XD

 If you don’t want to create a design that is too advanced, its easy to do. It   new database  has a fairly extensive and extensible block system. Cons: If you want to design a slightly more advanced website, it is not easy to use Gutenberg. When you work in the editor area, you have very little freedom of movement. It also has a lot of room for improvement, competing with the best page builders out there.

One of the tricks that I use to

 Price of Professional Edition It has no Professional Edition because it is Native Edition. So what’s the best page builder( my recommendation) I have to say that for this comparison, I didn’t have a deep understanding of all the characteristics of every visual layout   DD leads  designer, because there’s a lot and I have a life. I design based on areas of work, ease of use, versatility and the web design options they allow, without regard to all settings, how they integrate with other tools, etc.

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