Why it matters for your company

Brand Awareness is a metric that measures how. Much and how a brand is recognized by consumers. The objective is to make a brand gain notoriety. Be well remembered by the public and make it different for the market. Brand Awareness sounds like another one of those. Complicated marketing terms that only serves to make the lives of managers in other areas more difficult. Right? The name sounds difficult. But understanding it is simple and its usefulness is even greater.

What is Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is a metric that. Measures how Email Database much and how a brand is recognized. by consumers. Translated as brand awareness, this indicator serves to. Analyze how companies are. Associated with the products they market. The objective of increasing Brand Awareness is. To make a brand gain notoriety. Be positively remembered by the public and become different in the market. Likewise. It is not interesting for a brand to have the trust of its customers. But not be famous among its target audience or not have a differential that distinguishes it from the competition.

Brands are social constructions

Brands are not tangible, but exist as social DD Leads constructions. Not only in the mind of the consumer. But also in the commercial network of a company. They are not static, but can evolve slowly over time. And are subject to context. Jenni Romaniuk , author of. Building Distinctive Brand Assets. Defines a well-known brand as . A node in memory with other attributes and associations. The fact that a brand depends on memory is a key concept to understand. And just as we don’t have full control of our memory, we also don’t control what associations we have with a brand.

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