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Why is it addition to the collective collection card. It is also possible to access products from the collection from the product card level. Thanks to which the customer can easily select products that visually match the selection already made. Dynamically adding CMS blocks to product listings. The possibility for website administrators. Add static content that intersperses the store’s product offer. Dynamic adjustment of the product offer within the subpage, Taking into account the add blocks. The ability for the administrator to specify the number of columns that a block should contain in the desktop version and the scaling of blocks.

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In the mobile version make this system one of the more advance solutions of this type use in Magento platforms. An extensive returns and complaints module An extensive returns and complaints module that allows the customer to independently print a return Photo Retouching label and conduct customer-administrator communication via a separate panel. Collecting reports in one place in the admin panel along with the history of comments. Possibility of changing the notification status by the administrator and setting the time within which the customer can submit a return or complaint.

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Dynamic menu Dynamic menu allowing you to set the number of columns and match the appropriate category to the appropriate column within the category. Possibility to swap columns and place highlight static blocks or products within the main category. The menu also takes into account the website’s responsiveness. More accurate Elastic Search The DD Leads Elastic Search engine allows you to assign weights to individual elements, presenting in the suggestions both products with photos and categories within which the search products appear, enabling the user to efficiently browse the offer they are looking for. Gift wrapping Customers can add gift packaging to select products. Packaging assign to the order product and transfer to the ERP system.

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