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Getting acquaint with the reports prepar. By the agency, it is worth using external tools that are an excellent source of data about the website, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console. If these tools were set up by an agency, it is worth asking for permissions to gain full access to the data. Using several programs can be cumbersome and time-consuming. As part of our cooperation, we provide our clients with the SEO Extranet tool . Thanks to it, they can monitor parameters such as page visibility data taken from Senuto, organic traffic data import from Google Analytics, positions for select phrases, accessibility, page spe and others in one place – we are constantly working on expanding the SEO Extranet with new functionalities.

The virtue of kings content

Consequences resulting from errors in communication Is silence golden? Not in this case. A complete lack of or laconic responses to e-mails or Latest Mailing Database phone calls make the agency’s work difficult, and sometimes even make it impossible, which is why good communication is so important. The SEO agency should be kept inform by the client about plann modifications on the website, creating a new version of the website, changes in the assortment, scope of services, address or opening hours. If such information is missing, the agency can, for example, suggest phrases that include products withdrawn from the offer or introduce outdat data to the Google My Business listing.

Latest Mailing Database

Other reasons may result

Errors in communication or resulting from in the lack of effects of the activities carri out, and this is neither desir by the SEO agency nor by the DD Leads client. Solution? Let’s talk to each other and look for the best solutions together. Content marketing is, on the one hand,, and on the other, a job for the extremely patient. Patience is, but maybe there are some codes for slightly faster and more fruitful crops? Get to know the trends in content marketing that the industry lives by and be inspir by them in your activities.

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