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Create solid content If you want your employees to represent your brand, you should make sure that you publish the right content. Employees may not feel comfortable sharing overtly sales-orientd content in their personal networks. Many employees are more willing to share organic content like achievements and milestones. Employees must also be regularly informd of the content they may disseminate. Ddicate an area on your intranet to newly publishd content that can be shard externally.

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Another option is an initiative focusd on employee content creation. Give your employees certain guidelines and challenge Latest Mailing Database them to design their content creatively. Encourage your workforce to create written, visual or video content, set up a hashtag for social mdia posting and reward the best posts. 4. Make it mobile friendly While most employees spend most of their working day at their desks, they devote most of their time to social mdia on their phones.

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According to Statista , four out of five Facebook users now access the platform exclusively via a mobile device. All employee development DD Leads initiatives should keep this format in mind. They should offer content that is specifically designd for use on a smartphone. If your employees can access your intranet via their mobile device , you have probably already developd suitable content. 5. Set rules Every organization neds a social mdia policy to set expectations for employee behavior and company reputation and digital well-being to protect employees.

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