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Request a second medical opinion whenever necessary. How to use telemedicine in a CT clinic? Created to connect patients, physicians and other health professionals, telemedicine offers solutions that optimize work at the tomography clinic, such as telediagnosis, which enables the issuance of online reports in a simple way. All that is needed is for the physician or radiology technician to perform the CT scan normally and share the images on the Morsch platform . Our software even allows the automatic sending of records to the PACS , based on the integration with the tomograph. An online radiologist then evaluates the findings, noting details and conclusion in the report. He finalizes the document by inserting his digital signature and releases it on the platform in minutes. Morsch also offers a teleconsultation option in health, second qualified opinion.

Magnetic resonance imaging of the shoulder

Allows the non-invasive study of soft tissue details. Online training, electronic medical record with teleconsultation and much more! To enjoy the services, your clinic only needs a stable internet connection and a computer . Click here for more details! Conclusion At the end of this text, i have helped you Dubai Phone Number List plan the opening of your tomography clinic . Or even projecting an expansion in its portfolio of exams, counting on the support of Telemedicina Morsch to issue the results quickly . If you liked the content, share it with your network of contacts! And keep reading articles about radiology that I publish here on the blog.

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Diagnostic imaging methods, it has become popular due to the quality of the records collected. Not to mention advantages such as speed and not using ionizing radiation, reducing the exposure of patients and radiology technicians. In this scenario, even children and pregnant DD Leads women can have their shoulders examined by MRI without any health risks. Continue reading this article to learn about the acquisition technique of images via resonance, indications and how to benefit from the report via telemedicine. What is shoulder MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging of the shoulder is a test that uses magnetism and radiofrequency waves to generate internal images of this area of the body. It can be requested either for just one joint or for both, if the request is for bilateral shoulder MRI. MRI is often required to complement images obtained by computed tomography or X-ray of the shoulder.

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