CT clinic a tomography clinic needs to have its structure approved by

The health authorities How to report the results of CT scans? As determined by the Federal Council of Medicine, only qualified radiologists should report the CT . These are the doctors specialized in the area of ​​the exam. Who gather enough knowledge about anatomy and techniques employed. Thus, they are able to assess the image formation process , possible artifacts and alterations that signal pathologies. An example is the hypodense image in the liver, which indicates a hematoma. Knowledge about the differences in tissue density is essential for the interpretation of tomography , as they check the colors of the structures. Dense tissues such as bone appear white as they absorb most of the radiation. While soft parts are represented in gray as they let through many X-rays. And the air is depicted in black.

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The CT report , which must contain at least. Patient’s full name Name and address of the place where the test was taken. Requesting physician’s name Test performance date Justification forrequestof the procedure Conduct and detailed description of the exam Diagnostic hypothesis Denmark Cell Phone Number List additional information about the patient, such as age, weight, height, etc. Signature of the radiologist responsible for interpreting the exam. Take the opportunity to know the difference between resonance and tomography . Advantages of electronic report for tomography clinic Issued by a telemedicine platform such as Morsch , the electronic report adds several benefits for managers and health professionals. List the main ones below: Reports delivered in minutes , or in real time in case of emergencies Coverage of vacations.

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Establishments and professionals, as I explain below, of the electronic tomography report for patients Patients also benefit from remote reporting , taking advantage of the convenience of receiving test results online . This eliminates travelling, saving time and money. Including Sundays DD Leads and holidays cloud software, accessible from any device connected to the internet System protected by authentication and encryption mechanisms Opportunity to expand the exam portfolio without high investments option ofsecond medical opinionto discuss complex cases. After all, you don’t have to spend minutes or even hours in traffic in big cities to get to the clinic and pick up the medical report. Those who live far from urban centers do not need to travel to receive the result.

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