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On the contrary, he must intensify his work, since he will filter, guide and validate the information to which the student accesses, to a large extent, and will be his guide in a very extensive horizon of knowlge. In this regard, Juan Carlos Morales (2015, p.19), in his thesis on the application of this method in a university in Ecuador, states that: “This role play by the teacher or tutor, as a virtual tutor, will be fundamental for guarantee the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the training process support by web resources. This role will be more extensive and complex than that carri out in face-to-face training modalities.”

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For its part, Valdecantos (2018), in the electronic platform dicat to adult ucation in Europe, indicates that: “ ucators will use technology to promote its use in students, but also to be able to maintain their emancipation from them .” Your task will be crucial to help students develop a healthy digital life and guide them to make appropriate digital decisions.” As stat, blend teaching is a perfect way to link traditional teaching methods and new strategies, taking advantage of the best business lead of both . Thanks to this strategy, students’ ucation is guid in a self-learning environment that provides them with the necessary independence to build their own knowlge and, at the same time, provides them with adequate guidance in professional development.

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For this reason, it is consider necessary to understand the new changes in ucation and address them with the objective that has guid teaching since its beginnings , the ability to share experience and preserve it in order to benefit future generations.Do you work while others sleep? Do you get bor or easily distract in class? Do you DD Leads question everything you see or hear? Good news! You have some of the traits of highly creative people. But what is creativity and what is it for? Let’s learn about the topic. Creativity is an inherent capacity of the human being and has been, throughout the history of humanity, its main survival tool .

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