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Look around you, at the clothes you are wearing, your backpack or purse, what you have inside, what you are eating and what you are eating it with, the place where you are, the electronic device on which you are reading this article. Everything, everything around you is a product of creativity. What you observe are solutions that man found to be able to meet his nes as they arose . Therefore, all human beings are creative by nature. It is said that without creativity there is no evolution. Imagine the world from another perspective, without creativity. Would it be as we know it now? Definitely not.

Almost Any Time of the Day

Perhaps the human being would have become extinct thousands of years ago without his creative capacity, the one that allow him to provide solutions to everyday problems. According to Elsa Punset, creativity is the ability to find intelligent solutions to many problems . Inde it is like this: day by day life presents us business database with small or large conflicts that we solve with creativity. However, some people ne creativity as a work tool and this requires a greater demand for creative solutions; as in the case of artists, architects, creatives in advertising companies, among others.

The Buses Parade Before

And fac with this great challenge, of being “more creative” than others, how can we achieve it? For this, it is important to keep in mind that one of the fundamental traits in the development of creativity is divergent thinking ; term coin by Guilford, who stat that this type of thinking allows us to find many answers or opportunities for development to the same situation or problem. This arises spontaneously and fluidly, in short periods of time and serves as input to convergent DD Leads thinking, which is responsible for analyzing, structuring and organizing these ideas to be appli in the effective solution of a given problem. To better understand the idea of ​​divergent thinking, the story goes that

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