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This last assumption creates barriers in the development of virtual ucation, which so far cannot be overcome and, even so, are perceiv by students. It is bas on the principle that the teacher must collaborate with his or her experience in the training of useful professionals in the competitive world of work today and that, according to the prejudice express, distance ucation does not have the same effectiveness as in person.Fac with this situation, for a few years now the blend methodology has been successfully implement , which takes advantage of the advantages of virtual and in-person ucation .

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This type of methodology combines the best of face-to-face and online training for the benefit of students. It follows guidelines that determine the social, academic and work interaction of the new generations. Thus, it manages to meet the nes of students who develop in a globaliz world and who establish business email list many of their relationships digitally . The use of blend teaching also collaborates with the competency-bas learning model that prevails in higher ucation today, since the student creates his or her own knowlge with the tools at his or her disposal on the Internet and the The teacher is a guide-facilitator in this process .

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This means that blend university ucation encourages curiosity and the ability to research , which is key in the context of current ucational development. This method is flexible for students who prefer to organize themselves in a very dissimilar way. They can order the frequency and schule of development of a part of their DD Leads activities in order to move forward comfortably. On the other hand,Students’ social skills are enhanc with the creation of an online interactive environment between teachers and students. However, a teaching methodology that requires students to develop self-learning may make some think that the teacher will have less participation.

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