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According to Econsultancy, giving products or services as gifts to consumers allows for greater results in subsequent sales.

For example, a gift can prompt the customer to place orders for higher amounts , to invite friends to visit the site or something else. Giving products or services also allows you to collect new leads on which it will then be possible to work to push the purchase.

Gifts are also a good strategy for internal marketing, for example to retain employees who, according to recent studies, are less and less loyal to their company. A gift to the employee is certainly less onerous for the company than the average cost for his replacement, which is around seven months of his salary.

3. Email marketing
Email marketing is one of the “oldest” tools of online marketing but it is still (and increasingly) one of the most important, playing a key role for companies of any size and sector.



Why is email marketing a constantly growing market

Because it offers businesses the possibility of a rapid return on investment (ROI).



Customer retention
Among the customer loyalty strategies (or Customer Retention) email marketing is one of the most important.
Welcome letters, newsletters, reminders with Argentina Phone Number List various subjects, prizes and direct referral requests are some of the actions that can be implemented to keep the relationship with your database alive.
Customer-generated content (such as reviews) can also be delivered via email and is very useful for increasing trust and conversion rates.


What are the main elements of an email marketing strategy


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Sending personalized emails (not only with the user’s name but also based on his preferences and interactions with your site) is able to significantly improve conversion rates, engagement, positive feedback, lead nurturing and lead generation.
Not only that, a truly personalized email creates greater value and contributes to loyalty.

The concept of DE&I Diversity, Equity & DD Leads  Inclusion is increasingly spreading in society.
It is essential for companies and brands to take this into account, even when sending email communications.
As? Putting people more and more at the centre, thinking that whoever receives our communications is a person who lives, breathes, thinks and above all has feelings that we don’t know about. Not a potential customer.
Being empathetic, communicating values, using inclusive language and knowing how to use the right tone and the right images can make the difference between an email that ends up in spam and a new purchase.

4. Branded Audio Content
Audio content is increasingly popular online, and more and more marketers are exploring this format as a channel for communicating with their audiences.

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