And develop a strategic plan for your business find the ideal property

Once the business plan is ready, move on to selecting the suitable property. Factors such as location, available budget, easy access and proximity to the target audience should be prioritized, but don’t forget the structure needed to accommodate the tomograph – and the requirements for radiological protection, of course. It is worth consulting an architect or engineer specialized in health facilities before signing the space purchase or lease agreement. Thus, you guarantee compliance with current health standards . 3. Provide the necessary licenses As soon as possible, file the application for licenses so that your clinic is regularized with the local health authorities. Among the main documents are: Sanitary Operating License Certificate of Compliance from the Fire Department Registration in the urban cleaning department. Also observe other requirements so that all are met.

Acquire the equipment decide whether to

Purchase or rent medical devices, such as the tomograph. A tip to save money is to list what is indispensable in relation to the type of CT scanner, year of manufacture, brand and features. I’ve already written here about how much a tomograph costs . You will also China Mobile Number List need CT room accessories . For example: lighted signs and benches, as well as computers, reception furniture, office supplies, etc. 5. Hire employees Employees are indispensable for the clinic to function properly. Therefore, pay attention to the employee selection process . 6. Offer training Whether to use complex equipment or practice humanized care , your team needs training according to the work activities carried out. Dedicate time to training before opening the radiology clinic . 7. Invest in disclosure The success of your company depends on the flow of customers.

So use dissemination tools such as

Digital marketing and partnerships with surrounding establishments. Also encourage word-of-mouth referrals by offering a discount or additional services to those who bring in the most customers. Staff required at a CT clinic A dentist or radiologist with an active DD Leads record at the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) or Dentistry (CRO) must be the technician responsible for the clinic. The hiring of other doctors depends on the size and services offered. CT scans can be performed by trained radiology technicians , however, their interpretation is reserved for the radiologist . If your company has more than one CT scanner, it is advisable to increase the number of technicians trained to operate this equipment. In addition to the medical staff , you will need one or more receptionists to perform administrative tasks, guide and register patients and keep the agenda organized. Cleaning and security professionals complete the team.

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