Brands are characterized by so called assets or distinctives

These can be a logo, a shape, a color, a jingle. A font, a song, a character and much more. Some examples of brand assets and distinctives that you will undoubtedly. Recognize are the yellow arches of the McDonald’s logo, the shape of the Nike swoosh. And the Michelin doll. For branding, assets and distinctives operate as a kind of mental identification shortcut. Activating the brand in the mind of the potential buyer. These assets are created by being very consistent over a long period of time.

Why is Brand Awareness so important

Brand awareness is important because it Top People Data allows the growth of the brand. As simple as that. To achieve this, you must target a broader audience. For example, in the case of Coca-Cola, it wants to reach everyone on the planet, not just people with the ideal buyer profile. Take, for example, a car manufacturer. A person is only in the market to buy a new car every 5-10 years, which limits the audience of current potential buyers. But with brand awareness, a car company doesn’t just want to reach those.

Elevate brand reach

Since one of the objectives of brand awareness is to DD Leads make a brand better known, it is natural that its reach also increases. All the time, companies have to expose their brand and make them constantly present in the lives of their target audience. For this, it is essential that there is an integrated effort of exposure in online and offline media, depending on the case, distribution at points of sale. Look at the case of Coca-Cola, for example. It is not only a reference in soft drinks because of the billion-dollar annual investment in advertising.

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