How are Brand Awareness and Digital Marketing connected

While the differences between brand awareness and Digital Marketing have been a main topic of this article, it is very important to use these two strategies together. Branding creates memory structures and lead generation campaigns work alongside these. Performance marketing initiatives activate those memory structures. If a company tries to achieve results with Digital Marketing alone, it is likely to fail; When people don’t know who you are, they don’t pay attention.

Interaction with the public is closer

Before the Internet, the way and how much Email Contact List a brand was recognized by consumers was, many times, limited to its communication in the media, its penetration in POS and the quality of its offers and its service. With social networks and blogs, the way a brand builds its brand awareness with its audience has changed. These channels balanced the dialogue between companies and people. The two began to interact as if they were friends or colleagues in a social circle.

Brand awareness no longer depends on the brand itself

Social networks, messaging applications and blogs DD Leads also put companies. And customers on the same level in relation to the production and consumption of content. This means that even if a brand does not start a conversation. It can be included in one and impacted by the public. That is, people can produce content about a company and spread an image that does not correspond to what the brand wanted. However. That can be interesting to leverage a brand’s notoriety.¬†

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