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Coordinated image of the Brand
Close your eyes and relax, breathe slowly and push away distractions.

Think of a lemon, a beautiful yellow lemon from our Amalfi Coast.

Imagine it vividly and just as vividly imagine that you are picking up a knife.

Cut it up and squeeze the juice into a glass, a nice bright glass full of juice.

Now take a sip , take another.

Sour right?

Do you feel your salivation increase


What you feel (without actually doing it) is the Brand, and the yellow lemon with its shape is the logo.


Don’t go crazy constantly distorting the Chile Phone Number List brand image, keep it constant and coordinated over time, make it evolve with small tweaks to adapt it to the evolution of design and tastes, but above all keep your promises!

Is your brand image coordinated

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Do you want them to recognize it DD Leads  among your competitors?
Even the eye wants its part!
It is said that the first seven seconds are essential to leave a good impression, and this is always true, on all occasions, both on physical and digital channels, both for people and for companies, products and brands.

Your image is unique
The Coordinated Image or Brand Identity is everything that represents the company in the market (and internally) and must be solid and clear so that your audience can recognize and appreciate it , but above all remember it in a positive way .

In an inbound marketing strategy, the coordinated image in omnichannel mode is the ” common thread ” that keeps the buyer person ” connected ” and that makes the contents developed for lead generation recognizable and effective .

The Brand is forever<
Your image always represents you, always try to be consistent, don’t betray the expectations of those who appreciate you!

The Brand is not a logo
REMEMBER that the Brand IS NOT A LOGO , the Brand is what Buyer Personas remember about the experience they have had with your company, with the people who work for your company, for the products, services and assistance they they got from your company!

And that always applies, even before they have bought anything.

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