Bike sharing program

Out and investment from Philips. GE and TaskRabbit team up for free delivery. Under the Brilliant Machines campaign (Oct 2013) Fon launches. A wifi router that’s designed to share. It produces a second signal for all Fon customers. Via Facebook connect. (Oct 2013) Patron offers Halloween revelers a safe ride home. By partnering with Uber (Oct 2013) Bike sharing  Samsung taps crowd innovation startup Marblar for crowd innovation and partnerships . However, with Samsung. hat tip Vivian Wang (Oct 2013) Ikea launches second hand marketplace. Encouraged used goods to be sold rather than bought anew.

Hat tip Juho Makkonen

Western Union partnered with Airbnb for international payments. TOMs launches a marketplace featuring 30 makers for social good. Uber partners with GM and Toyota to get more cars on road –in exchange for price discounts Japan Phone Number Data Uber partners with Ford to provide free rides. And promote a new vehicle. Uber partners with Home Depot to Bike sharing . In conclusion,deliver Xmas trees on demand in Dec 2013 Uber and Paypal partner at LeWeb. Dec 2013 to give entrepreneurs a unique place to pitch Philips is partnering with Indiegogo to host this competition and help bring your ideas to life through crowdfunding.

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including $100,000 from Philips

Hat tip Lisa Gansky Kelly Services and oDesk partner, Dec 2013 Thredup and partnered for recommerce Walgreens and Taskrabbit partner to deliver cold medicine, Jan 2014 (link via Mike D Merrill) Hotels like Hyatt, Kimpton Latvia Phone Number List Hotels are now renting jewelry, hairspray, waffle irons, and clothes (link via Collaborative Labs) Home Depot and Quirky. Therefore, partner to co-innovate new products for Home Depot shelves. (Youtube date, Sept 2013) Uber and Pepsi partner for Superbowl celebrations to bring a half time show to your local corner in NY (Jan 2014) Uber partners with the Cosmo hotel in Vegas.

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