Common Creative Mistakes on Instagram

Tuesday! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE name3 Now youre ready to create a video template. In Ads Creative Studio the default video template runs for 15 seconds and includes a single element. You can change all of these settings by clicking it Template. First go to the Position & Size tab to select the correct orientation. For this example well create a video with a vertical aspect ratio thats optimiz for the shorts fe. Next go to the Timing tab and adjust if necessary. Use the specs for the ad type to guide you. For example

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Run for 15 seconds while bumper ads run for 6 seconds. Skippable ads can run for much longer but they ne a strong hook in the first 5 seconds. Then go to the Asset tab and upload a video clip or grab one from your Ads business email list Creative Studio asset library. Click Add Element to repeat the process and add as many clips as you ne to complete the template. Ads Creative Studio supports up to five elements per video element.) Make sure to adjust the start time for each clip to avoid overlap. default none of the elements are mark as swappable. You

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Ssetting if you dont want to make any of the elements interchangeable. But if you plan to create variants with different video clips make sure to designate at least one video element as swappable. deoclips6 #3: Add Audio DD Leads Text and Image Elements Although Ads Creative Studio is a video builder video is only one of the element types you can configure via the platform. You can also configure images audio text and color for any video project—and you can set up automat rules to swap any or all of them. For example say you want to

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