Your Instagram Posts Aren’t Unique

Add an end screen to a video template. You can upload a default image and set it to display at the end of the video. If you enable the option to swap it you can add variants to fit different scenarios. The platform supports up to 10 images per template. voiceover or a soundtrack click the Add Element button and select audio up to five per template). Note that the Ads Creative Studio asset library doesnt sync with the YouTube audio library. If you want to include a royaltyfree song in your video make sure to license and download the

Song separately

Then upload it to your project in Ads Creative Studio. overlays can be great for reinforcing your message and optimizing your ad for low volume. Although you business lead can certainly emb them in your video clips or image assets taking that approach locks in the messaging and timing which prevents you from making adjustments. To add more flexible text overlays add them directly in Ads Creative Studio instead. You can select design elements like color size placement and shadows. You can also set the timing for each text

Element Note

That this platform supports up to 25 text elements per template. helpful as the text feature is especially if you plan to create variants its important to know that it does have some drawbacks. Placement options are limit so you may DD Leads not be able to get the text exactly right. The platform has one font only so if you want variety youll ne to upload a font file. In addition there arent any options for text animation. If you plan to create text variants make sure to add a default option to the template during the initial setup. You can add other

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