Why Is Creativity So Important on Instagram

Youre a creative agency or an inhouse team. Then click to create the Creative Studio wont link to your Google Ads account unless you configure it manually. To enable your team to send creatives to Google Ads open the settings and select Link Accounts. Choose Google Ads and input your account number. An account admin will ne to approve the connection to complete the connection. oogleadsaccount2 Once the accounts are link youll have the option to export video assets directly to your Google Ads asset library. From there you

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Video variants directly to your ads and publish your campaigns. Although you can export files from Ads Creative Studio to Google Ads its important to note that the two platforms asset libraries arent b2b leads link in any other way. For example you wont be able to grab videos from your Google Ads asset library while you create video templates in Ads Creative Studio. So make sure you have all the creatives you ne from your team or your clients before you get start. #2: Create a Project Template Next go to the Projects dashboard and click

The New button

From the dropdown menu select Video. Give the project a name and choose the ad platform youre designing for. Well use Google Ads in this example. The Conference Youve Been Waiting For As a small business DD Leads marketer you can probably only pick one or two events to attend each year. Get an unbeatable conference experience and expert training at Social Mia Marketing World in sunny San Diego California—from your friends at Social Mia Examiner. As a valu reader you can save $750 if you act now! Sale Ends

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